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    Ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time is our daily commitment.

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    Leveraging our Baltic roots for a robust global logistics network, departing your cargo everywhere.


    Navigating logistics with over 20 years of expertise, our seasoned managers ensure seamless cargo solutions.

    K Jet Logistics covers the entire logistics service spectrum

    Door-to door service
    Time critical services
    Clearance services
    Oversize cargo transportation
    Tracking / Road transportation
    Cargo insurance
    Broker assistance

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    Logistics Success Stories

    Janek Kalle

    I recommend Kjet Logistics services for any logistical needs. My experience with Kjet for transporting electricals from Riga to Mumbai was exceptional. My the sizable load of 7 pieces weighing 88 kg, the cargo arrived safely and on schedule.

    Madis Vyakhirev

    Kjet Logistics handled our computer parts shipment from Tallinn to Chennai like pros. Despite the distance, the cargo arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Their communication throughout the process was commendable, providing us with peace of mind.

    Kristina Lepik

    We recently utilized Kjet Logistics services for transporting water purification systems. The entire process was seamless and efficient. Despite the delicate nature of the cargo, everything arrived in perfect condition and well within the expected timeframe. Kjet team attention to detail and professionalism truly impressed us. We highly recommend their services.

    Department Documents

    Shipping important department documents from Tallinn to Munich requires a dependable service, and this one proved to be just that. The documents were delivered promptly and securely. Their attention to detail and professionalism are impressive. We will definitely use their service in the future.

    image (1)

    We entrusted the transportation of delicate microchips from Guangzhou to Tallinn to this service, and they executed flawlessly. The cargo was handled with precision, and delivery was on time. We have complete trust in their ability to transport sensitive technology.

    Aircraft Spare Parts

    We ordered shipping aircraft spare parts from Tallinn to London. The cargo arrived in excellent condition and within the expected timeframe, Although took a long time to unload.

    Humanitarian Aid

    When it comes to delivering humanitarian aid, timing is crucial, and this service from Tallinn to Kiev didn’t disappoint. Our aid reached its destination swiftly, making a real difference. We are thankful for their role in humanitarian efforts and recommend their services wholeheartedly.

    images (4)
    Helicopter Net Light System Parts

    We entrusted this service to deliver crucial helicopter net light system parts from Tallinn to Mumbai, and they exceeded our expectations. The cargo was handled with care, and the delivery was on schedule. We appreciate their commitment to reliability and precision.

    Sleeping Pillows

    Transporting sleeping pillows from Dubai to Tallinn was made effortless with this cargo service. All delivered in a timely manner, and the quality of service was top-notch.

    Water Filters

    Our experience shipping water filters from Riga to Mumbai was very positive. The cargo arrived promptly and in perfect condition. The entire process, from booking to delivery, was smooth and hassle-free. We highly recommend this service for efficient air cargo shipments.

    Unlock the K Jet Logistics edge: key benefits of choosing us

    Proficient staff
    Our skilled logistics team is committed to ensuring the smooth and efficient handling of cargo operations for our clients.
    Networked partnerships
    We thrive on fostering dynamic connections and collaborations, weaving an intricate tapestry of synergies that elevate our service standards.
    Reliable integrity
    Ensuring genuine reliability in our logistic operations, we prioritize trust and honesty, building strong partnerships across the supply chain.
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